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Uncoming presentations
May 22,23,24 2010 OPEN STUDIO’S JORDAAN (AMSTERDAM) 12.00-17.00
4 June – 9 July 2010 presentation of the recent work made in AGA

Contact (0031)06 26 658 518 /

After the experiences and inspiration inhaled during traveling in South America, I planned to work in the graphic studio for artists in the centre of Amsterdam. Thanks to subsidies of the municipality of Amersfoort (the city I live and work) and of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, I managed to progress. A lot of the recent printing is based on studies and work I made during my journey’s in 2007/2008.

In December 2009 I inscribed for a workshop on Toyobo plate engraving in Daglicht Eindhoven (graphic studio). This engraving technique gave a new turn to some of my ideas. So I am continuing playing with light and space and some other secrets. Links:

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